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Stroke Survival

Hope, Inspiration and Education


Dear Mr. Torres,

What an honor and a privilege to have seen your video. I am a social work graduate student at SDSU and was sent the youtube link by a fellow student. I was deeply touched by your message. I am going to pass on your video to a gentleman I know who is still suffering from stroke complications. I see in his eyes his frustration and disappointment of his life. I am hoping that your courageousness will bring him hope. Thank you again for the uplifting message of hope.

Take care of you! Victoria Salas MSWI

He is an inspiration! I too want to give back and help others in need. Seeing his video makes me want to do more.


Congrats Bill on all the wonderful things you have done helping stroke victims. You have truly turned your lemons into lemonade.

All the best!


Be ye fishers of men. You catch em - He'll clean em.


What a great site! It takes a lot of grit to come back the way you did and to continue to help others. I'm really proud to say I know you.

Take care, Bill, and continue doing good.

Robbie Giannangeli

All I can say is WOW!!!!!

Thanks for sharing it. That is a great album.


Dear billy,

Holy Cow!! You are an amazing man. We are so proud to be called your

friends. The web site is fantastic!

Much love, Mel and Tom

WOW!! What a wonderful, inspirational site. I am proud to be your friend.



Your web site is great. My mom is still hanging in there. The Dr's, nurses and care givers cannot believe she is still alive. Its been 5 months. If it were not for her age and they were able to operate she would have survived.

I'm pleased you are doing fine and in good health.

Good Luck on your fine work. I'm proud to call you my friend.


 Hey Ol' Pard,

LaDonna just showed me the stroke survivor piece..whoa... a very emotional, great story. She was wiping tears before I got in the room. Ssshhhhh...don't tell her...but so was I. We are moved and inspired in Texas!


Eric Campbell:


What a great site! This is going to give many people much hope! Good for you! You're a good man!

Christina CarreƱo

Special Events Manager

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

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